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    I.Project cargo ocean and road transportation services

    Large engineering equipment, frame boxes, large industrial equipment, excavators, loaders, yachts, rollers, crawler cranes, boilers, hydraulic tanks, reactors and other large equipment transport. Provide large four super (super long. Wide. Ultra high. Overweight) cargo transport.

    II.Dangerous goods logistics service 

    Can undertake 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 categories of dangerous goods shipping and air transport business.Rich global overseas agent network, providing door to door import and export logistics services such as EXW\DDU.


    Shipping company resources (CMA, APL, MAERSK, COSCO, EVERGREEN, MSC,ONE,YML and other world-renowned shipping companies);Airline resources (MU\CZ\NH\CA\LH, etc.)

    III.Customs clearance and inspection service for imported  chemicals and foods 

    1.Major: more than 10 years' experience in customs declaration operation and management, member of China customs declaration association.

    2. High efficiency: import sea and air transportation for 2-3 working days.

    3. Safety: five-star class A customs declaration bank, the error rate is far lower than the industry level.

    4. Convenience: Shanghai has complete network coverage in each customs area, and service network is available at major ports throughout the country.


    Provide frozen goods, pre-packaged food, bulk food, food additives, food raw materials and other import customs declaration and inspection services.

    +86-021-55962070 18217505248

    Room 704-710, No. 309 (Tung Tai Building), Tanggu Road, Shanghai

    Copyright (C)2012-2022 T-UNION LOGISTICS(SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD.
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